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2022 MR Ranger model updates

The 2022 Rieju MR Ranger continues to come in 200cc and 300cc versions and remains the “soft enduro” option which is increasingly popular for trail riders and newcomers. “Ideal for getting started in enduro or going out without pretensions” Rieju says, especially if you’re not a race head.

For 2022 Rieju say the Rangers’ main differences from the previous models are a lower still seat height, a more docile engine and a softer suspension setting. At the time of writing the engine changes are not clear but we think it is adjusted mapping for smoother power delivery. 

A 20mm lower seat will help some riders feel more comfortable and confident but the major difference here is an adjustable suspension linkage arm. The main connecting arm has a cam with seven different positions to set the ride height, either lower or higher through a range of 38mm.

Seat height is now at 903mm standard (it is 950mm on the MR Racing and Pro models) and along with a further softening of the suspension (it was always softer by comparison to the Racing models), it promises to become even more of the any rider kinda bike it was developed to be.


2022 MR Ranger technical highlights:

  • New kickstarter
  • Centrifugal exhaust
  • New graphics
  • Lowered seat (-20mm)
  • Adjustable rear linkage (+7mm/-31mm)
  • Front axle inner screw
  • Side stand screw
  • Cylinder head braces
  • New ignition map

2022 MR Racing

Less has changed with the Rieju MR Racing and higher-specification MR Pro (below). By comparison to the Ranger, the Racing is naturally the focused enduro bike and as such the standard model.

It is ready to go in enduro and that has always been the point: it is a good standard bike with quality components including the  KYB suspension units front and rear. The 2022 range remains 250cc and 300cc two-strokes and again, they trade on the value for money compared to other comparable two-strokes.


2022 MR Racing technical highlights:

  • New kickstarter 
  • New silencer
  • New cylinder head braces
  • Centrifugal exhaust
  • New graphics
  • Carburation set up kit
  • New footrest set
  • New side stand screw

2022 Rieju MR Pro

“Loaded” is how one dealer friendly to Enduro21 puts the MR Pro. As in, like the Racing model but loaded with extras. Ready to race you might say with Renthal Twin wall bars, X-Trig triple clamps, S3 Parts footpegs, a fan as standard, engine mapping switch, Goldspeed heavy-duty rims, Michelin Enduro tyres – it’s a good list.

A tweaked engine map is one change for 2022 along with the carb kit (also on the Racing model) which is handy depending on where you ride and at what altitude. We’re liking the black colours too.


2022 MR Pro technical highlights:

  • New cylinder head braces
  • Oil cooled starter
  • New ignition map
  • New graphics
  • New gear shift lever
  • New S3 Parts footrest set
  • Carburation set up kit
  • New front axle inner screw
  • New side stand screw

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