DATATOOL Stealth Tracking Solutions

Datatool Stealth S5/7
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The Stealth Series is supplied with Rider ID tags that deliver a significant security enhancement from the original TrakKING Adventure product. As soon as the ignition is switched off, Stealth S5 creates an invisible geo-fence around your bike and starts monitoring for signs of unauthorised movement. If the unit detects movement within the geo-fence the (optional) early warning movement text will be triggered, informing you of a potential theft event. If your bike is subsequently removed from the geo-fenced area without the Rider ID tags present, Stealth S5 will enter alert mode, notifying our 24/7/365 monitoring centre, who will in turn contact you immediately to verify the cause of the alert. If you confirm your bike is stolen, the monitoring team will liaise with the police to aid recovery.

24/7 Control Room Monitoring

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In the event of a theft the fully staffed control room are trained to guide the police directly to the vehicle, using the advanced real-time tracking tech that is a standard feature of the S7 Tracker.


Global Coverage
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Typically, once your vehicle is logged as stolen it will be recovered within minutes. However, just in case, the S7 Tracker has global coverage, so even if the thieves make it out of the country they’ll still be found.
This also means that you can use your vehicle abroad with the same level of protection that your S7 Tracker offers you in the UK.
Motion Alert
Even if your vehicle is moved by thieves without the ignition starting, they won’t get far. Any attempt to tow your vehicle will raise an instant alert in the control room.

Automatic Driver Recognition
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Exclusive The Automatic Driver Recognition system is the most effective pro-active alert against key theft/cloning.
As the owner of your vehicle you are provided with a small ADR fob (and one spare) to identify you as an authorised driver.
This is just kept with you whenever you use your vehicle, but does not attach to your car key.
If your vehicle is moved, whether by starting the ignition with or without your key, and the fob is not present in the vehicle, a silent alert is instantly raised in the Control Room.
The Control Room will quickly determine if a theft is taking place and work directly with the police to recover the vehicle.
This means, even if your car key is stolen or you are a victim of relay crime, the thieves will not get very far.

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